Florida removing tenure for new K-12 teachers

April 10, 2010 at 6:46 am 1 comment

A new bill in Florida would dismantle tenure for new K-12 teachers.  If successful, is Florda the first state to do this?

It would place all new teachers on annual contracts, link salary increases and professional certification for all teachers to student learning gains and require school districts to divert 5 percent of their funding back to the state to pay for the program.

via Education bill is pushed forward – Miami-Dade – MiamiHerald.com.

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  • 1. weilunion  |  April 10, 2010 at 9:55 pm

    Florida will be the first unless D.C. ratifies the new $65 million dollar billionaire funded merit pay scheme. then they may be second.

    Any union member knows that pitting teacher agaisnt teacher in a mad race for the bottom is no answer to education. Collaboration in both the conception of curriculum and in school affairs is the answer.

    But this is not to be in the new Race to the Top, engineered by the failed Chicago Supt. Arne Duncan.

    You can see all my articles on Race to the Top, privatization and charter schools and teacher unions etc. at http://www.dailycensored.com. I am on the front page but you can go to ‘Writer’s posts’ and find my name: Danny Weil, and I have posted more than 50 articles about privatization including the failed Texas experiment in merit pay. And what a failure it was, as I spell out in ruthless detail. They rescinded it.

    Think of education now as kind of like a 4-H club where kids get an animal ready for the county fair and judging by the ‘assessors’.

    You compete against other kids and then you get your animal so fatted up, so larded and then when it goes to the fair they weigh it, look at its teeth, its fur, how it walks, etc.

    Education is now the 4-H club where teachers fatten up students for the county and state and federal tests, not fair, and these tests weight them as well as they do farm animals, look at their teeth and all in all see if they win the first prize, second or third. This is the assessment that is done.

    So teachers are now to fatten up animals for the job market and they will be weighted, assessed and tested by privat corporate regimes and if you win first place in the fair, then this means your kid did well on the test and you get a ribbon and maybe a prize.

    It must be stopped. Direct action is needed. You can read about what teachers are doing at the website but one thing is for sure, we will not stand for our children being veal in a cage fed by Hansel and Grettel educational policies and then led to the slaughter house of the ‘free market’.


    Danny Weil


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