APCS Students can do Media Comp (and Alice) and Succeed A Future Role for the US: Teach the Teachers, Worldwide

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  • 1. Alan Kay  |  July 19, 2010 at 9:19 am

    Whats weird is that my “Doing with Images makes Symbols” is derived directly from Jerome Bruner’s ideas (for example as expressed in “Toward a Theory of Instruction” ca 1965).

    This is very likely the best book ever written about all this — and if not, it is still on the must list for anyone who is trying to make progress in this area.

    So, what really bugs me (as per usual) is the pretty complete illiteracy of people dabbling in this area and not only reinventing the wheel (I think that would be OK), but most of these people don’t have anywhere near Jerry’s insights or overview, and thus are “reinventing the flat tire”!

    I.e. it’s even crazy for people to note what I’ve said, since I’ve always been careful to give credit to my sources (and people should just be reading these sources).

    Best wishes,


  • […] Great to see this coverage of SILC in US News and World Report, and I’m excited to hear Dr. Nora Newcombe speak at the NCWIT Summit Tuesday of this week. As I’ve mentioned previously, SILC hasn’t looked much at computer science yet, but there are lots of reasons to think that spatial learning plays an important role in computing education. Spatial reasoning, which is the ability to mentally visualize and manipulate two- and three-dimensional objects, also is a great predictor of talent in science, technology, engineering and math, collectively known as STEM. […]


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