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Moti asks: Objects Never? Well, Hardly Ever!

Moti Ben-Ari told me at ICER that this piece was coming out in the September CACM, but I promised not to say anything here until it was out.  I just saw that it’s been posted on the CACM website.  I recommend reading the article.  It’s a radically different perspective than objects-first or objects-late.  He suggests “objects-never” or maybe “objects-graduate school.”

I claim that the use of OOP is not as prevalent as most people believe, that it is not as successful as its proponents claim, and, therefore, that its central place in the CS curriculum is not justified.

via Objects Never? Well, Hardly Ever! | September 2010 | Communications of the ACM.

September 11, 2010 at 10:44 am 33 comments

About the CompSci Woman Blog

A new blog has just started on being a role model for women in computer science — on the experiences of women in computer science, and about women computer scientist’s perspective on the field.

Cate and Maggie met at IBM’s Extreme Blue program. However, Maggie had found Cate’s blog before they met – she’d been looking for blogs written by women in Computer Science. There were few other women in Maggie’s building, and so our two protagonists became close, talking about all kinds of things including their experiences as women in Computer Science. Maggie didn’t have a blog, but their conversations inspired many of Cate’s blog posts over the summer, causing them to joke that Maggie was Cate’s Muse. Cate offered Maggie the option of guest posting on her blog, but then – as true CompScis – they realized this was not a scalable solution…

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