Are they Students or are they Learners?

October 8, 2010 at 11:09 am 1 comment

Interesting blog post, contrasting “students” and “learners.”  I think it’s written unfairly to teachers.  Yes, “students” are there for grades — but they’re in the classroom because that’s the deal that they want.  I’d love to get a class of 150 learners.  My classes tend to be mostly filled with students.  Now, there may be 30 learners in there, but given the descriptions here, it’s pretty clear that they’re okay on their own but the students aren’t. Learners can learn at a distance. Students are less successful at it.


Relationship with educators Students are employees, required to obediently follow instructions…Learners are citizens with a vested interest in the learning society.

Relationship with other “Students” Students are competitors…Learners are collaborators

Motivation Obligation Responsibility: Students are culturally obliged to work for the teacher & for compensation (below)…Learners are motivated by an understood and realized “value” in their work, especially when it is valuable to others.

Compensation Institution defined grades and gateways to college (another institution) and a good job (another institution)…A sense of ongoing accomplishment that is not delivered but earned, and not symbolic but tangible and valuable — an investment.

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