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AP “Computer Science: Principles” Letter Writing Campaign

At the ACM Education Board meeting this last weekend, Larry Snyder presented the next stage of the new Advanced Placement exam “Computer Science: Principles.”  The key website is this one, which I understand just went up and public in the last couple weeks:  First, the website contains all the materials generated by the AP CS:P Commission and Advisory Board (best as I can tell).  The Big Ideas, Practices, and Claims and Evidence documents are all there.

Second (and most important for going forward), there is a form there for colleges and universities to commit to giving credit for AP CS:P, for giving placement, for needing more information, or to say “not at this time.”  The College Board wants to get feedback from CS departments before deciding whether to develop the exam.

We’re going to hear a lot more about this stage.  The ACM Education Board just endorsed the effort, and the SIGCSE Board is going to consider it in January.  The College Board has a list (which I don’t know has been made public — I haven’t seen it) of schools that that they really care about accepting the new exam, and there’s some magic number of those that have to commit before the College Board will go forward.  There will be some kind of letter writing campaign to encourage schools to commit.  It sounds like the deadline will be sometime in March, but Larry wasn’t sure about that.

Larry says that this is all public now, and in his materials, he links to two other useful sites:

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