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Using the iPad for something new

This article felt verydifferent to me from the NYTimes piece about replacing textbooks with iPads.  These folks are inventing a new kind of musical instrument with the iPad (taking advantage of its touch interface), then teaching music creation with it.  I do recognize that this is apples-to-oranges in terms of curriculum, e.g., maybe the music education approach being taken is the same one that might have been taken with a violin, recorder, or flute?  From the description, it feels like using technology for a new kind of learning opportunity, which is better than labs-of-iPads.

“Play with your ear, not just your eyes,” he said. “It’s not just about playing, it’s about listening to the song you’re making and playing with everyone else.” Then, to the already advanced music students, he raised his hand in a fist for the universal “cut off” sign that ended the song.

A crowd of Apple customers had already gathered at the spectacle by that point and a few broke into applause.

“It’s not meant to replace instruments, but augment,” Wang said. “We don’t try to just imitate instruments, but explore new music-making experiences.” Wang, 33, has already developed other popular music apps for the iPhone and iPad, including Magic Flute (where the user blows into the microphone and taps on the screen to play notes) and Glee Karaoke that he developed with the cooperation of Fox Digital Media.

via Mountain View students learn how to turn iPad into ‘Magic Fiddle’ – San Jose Mercury News.

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