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CMU “eliminating” object-oriented programming

I talked to people about the new Carnegie Mellon University curriculum last week, but no one to whom I spoke made such a strong statement as below, that OO is being “eliminated entirely.”  I was pleased to hear that the new curriculum is multi-lingual and multi-paradigmatic.  I’m not sure how the curriculum can be entirely OO-free since the first course is in Python.  I know that the second course is in C0 (“C not”), and the third course is in ML. The report that the below blog post links to is much more careful in its claims about object-oriented programming. I did a Blog@CACM post, using the post below as an example, about how we polarize discussions in computing education rhetoric — the CMU report on the new curriculum is much more reasoned (in its analysis) and reasonable (in its recommendations).

Object-oriented programming is eliminated entirely from the introductory curriculum, because it is both anti-modular and anti-parallel by its very nature, and hence unsuitable for a modern CS curriculum.  A proposed new course on object-oriented design methodology will be offered at the sophomore level for those students who wish to study this topic.

via Teaching FP to freshmen « Existential Type.

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