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Differential tuition for CS undergrads: Worth more, charge more

This makes economic sense.  The rising value of the CS degree does lead to the ability to charge more for the CS degree, though that raises the possibility that students may avoid CS to avoid the additional cost.

I am most interested in carrying this idea through to high school, on the supply side.  If we’re going to charge more for CS education, we ought to be able to pay high school CS teachers more, because what they are teaching has such high economic value. Raising CS teacher’s salaries would improve our odds of competing with industry.  If you know enough to teach Java in AP CS, you also know enough to get a better paying job than teaching high school.  We can never truly compete with industry salaries, but we can make high school teaching more economically attractive.

With a hot market for their skills and employers who offer top-notch salaries and benefits, should computer science students pay more for their bachelor’s degree than theater or history majors? In Washington state, the answer could soon be yes.

via Computer Science Tuition Could Rise Faster than Other Degrees Under New WA Rules | Xconomy.

June 15, 2011 at 9:45 am 4 comments

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