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Computer Science across the Curriculum – How do we get there?

I strongly agree with Alfred Thompson — we do need to think about how to get computer science (as a powerful literacy for thinking and expression) integrated into the curriculum, in the ways that make sense.  How do we get there?  Seeing cross-curricular influences in contest entries is an interesting way of getting started on that path.  If the cross-curricular projects get extra points or even awards, then there is incentive for others to follow.  That doesn’t change curriculum yet, but it does get teachers and students creating exemplars and thinking about how to do further integration.

I would argue that involving computer science in multi-disciplinary projects helps to move computer science more into the core of the educational process. It helps show the value to administrators as much as it does to students and parents. He helps create a better more rounded learning experience. It helps to in effect justify the existence of CS in the core to those people who for some reason don’t already buy into the idea.So while I truly would like to see more serious, focused computer science or computer programming projects at next year’s Global Forum it will be in Athens Greece BTW I am pretty happy to see cross disciplinary projects that include some computer science, a little Kinect programming, perhaps some Windows Phone development or SharePoint integration along with math, science, history, social studies, current events, environmental awareness or what ever else teachers are looking for innovative ways to teach.

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