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Computer Professor Illuminates Concepts for Blind Students

This is cool on multiple levels.  It’s cool that Dick Baldwin is working hard to make computer science (and other subjects) more accessible to blind students.  The project is cool, for turning diagrams into an embossed representation that can be read by touch.  It’s also cool that Dick sent us a note telling us that Barb’s Media Computation libraries were used in the student’s work.  Dick is also making his MediaComp lectures available via video:

Baldwin, who came to ACC 18 years ago after a long career in digital computing, began creating an online tutorial that translates physics material into a format that can be read with an audio screen reader and an electronic Braille display tool. “Accessible Physics Concepts for Blind Students” is one of the only offerings of its kind.

“Blind students should not be excluded from physics courses because of inaccessible textbooks,” Baldwin says.  While laws require that textbooks be accessible for students with disabilities through grade 12, there is no such mandate for college textbooks.  “When a blind person goes to college and tries to take anything that involves anything other than words, they have a problem,” he says.

via Computer Professor Illuminates Concepts for Blind Students – Inside ACC.

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