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Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge has been updated

Not directly related to the 2013 Computing Curriculum revision, but another important and relevant standards effort:

The growing maturity of any discipline is marked by many milestones; e.g., university degree programs that teach it, professional societies that nurture it, and scholarly journals that report advances in it. One important milestone is establishing an authoritative guide to a discipline’s body of knowledge. This wiki site is that guide for systems engineering. Version 0.75 of the Guide to the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge (SEBoK) is a work in progress, intended for early adopters. The aspiration of the sponsors and the several dozen authors who have worked tirelessly since September 2009 is to create an extremely useful, widely accessible, and easily updated authoritative guide to the systems engineering body of knowledge.

This wiki contains information on 120 topics in systems engineering, written by experts from around the world. The process being used is transparent with a third round of community review now underway. Yet, the SEBoK is far from complete. In fact, if the SEBoK effort is successful, it will never be ‘’complete’’ because it will continue to evolve and grow from broad use. A wiki implementation was chosen precisely because it facilitates rapid feedback from the community and easy updates to reflect that feedback and advances in the field.

via Guide to the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge (SEBoK) v. 0.75 – .75 Sebokcase.

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