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Making a Media Computation class in MATLAB at UCSD

Cynthia Bailey Lee has built a Media Computation class for Cognitive Science majors at UCSD in MATLAB.  She writes:

I couldn’t be happier about how Media Comp has worked in our MATLAB course, and the interesting and challenging things students are
attempting for their final project. This is a 10-week intro programming in MATLAB course for CogSci majors. There are no
prerequisites (in particular, neither programming or CS0 nor linear algebra prerequisites).

She did the class with Peer Instruction and has offered a set of slides with PI questions to use in such a course:

The course was done with peer instruction. Many of the lectures and most of the assignments had something to do with MediaComp. Attached are sample Peer Instruction slides using MediaComp from throughout the quarter.

She’s shared with me some of her students’ work:

“When Cartoons go through Airport Security” by Jessica Hsi and Virginia Sahagun

Also attached are images from an assignment in the 3rd-4th week of the term. We called it the “MakeWarhol” function–it takes an image,
extracts RGB layers, and tiles it to make something inspired by Andy Warhol’s colorful tiled images. I include it both as an example of
earlier assignments, and because you can see how students often creatively reused that code in their final assignment.

Thanks for sharing news about your exciting course, Cynthia!

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