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Kids Use Coding Skills to Hack Online Games: Singular or Plural?

What a strange story!  Are there really “kids” using coding skills to hack accounts?  Or is there one case of one 11 year old Canadian boy, which has AVG concerned about coding instruction?  And who’s calling C# “elementary”?  What elementary schools are teaching “C#”?

Why would AVG be concerned about kids learning to program?  It’s not the case that most CS classes cover “How to make a virus 101” or “Advanced how to cheat other gamers.”  I wonder if this is another case of “Don’t learn to code — leave it to the experts.”  Is it really threatening to IT firms that more teenagers are learning to program?

Kids as young as 11 are using coding skills to hack accounts on social media and gaming sites, according to one report. Antivirus firm AVG says children are writing malware to steal data and virtual currency from friends.

However, the hacks are still in their infancy, as researchers found errors that trace back to the original source. One author included his exact email address, password and additional information, revealing an 11-year-old boy in Canada. Most programming languages researchers found in the study were elementary, such as C# and Visual Basic. Check out the video, above, for more.

via Kids Use Coding Skills to Hack Online Games.

February 20, 2013 at 5:50 am 3 comments

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