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Rupert Murdoch wants to teach your kids in an AP CS MOOC

We have very few AP CS teachers in the United States — about 1 for every 12 high schools, and they’re not evenly distributed.  I do get that an AP CS MOOC may make it more available to more students.  Still, I’m not too excited about a MOOC to teach AP CS.  AP CS is already overwhelmingly white and male.  The demographic data from existing CS MOOCs is even more white and male than our face-to-face classes.  I can’t see how an AP CS MOOC will improve diversity, and we have a desperate need to improve diversity.

But beyond that — Rupert Murdoch?!?  Really?  Why is he interested in CS education?  I do note that he is starting out with a monetizing scheme.  Want your questions answered?  $200 per student per year.  I do see how this AP CS MOOC may deal with some of the shortcomings of other MOOCs, and may even be better with diversity than existing MOOCs, because of the availability of direct support — at a price.

Now, Rupert Murdoch, the billionaire media mogul behind News Corp., wants to do something about the lack of computer science education. Murdoch’s Amplify education unit plans to launch a new advanced placement online computer science course this fall, taught by longtime high-school instructor Rebecca Dovi.

The course is described as a MOOC, short for massive open online course. It is free to high school students, though additional resources will be made available for $200 per student. It is geared toward those who want to take the computer science AP exam in 2014.

via Rupert Murdoch wants to teach your kids computer science with this new online AP course – GeekWire.

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