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How do we pick K-12 Coding & CS Resources: Role of Research

I recommend reading over the list linked below.  What’s fascinating to me is how the experts are making their arguments.

Consider this comment: “Probably the Berkeley class is getting most traction.”  That sounds like the recommendation is to try the Berkeley class because it’s polling well.  The words “evaluation” and “data” don’t appear anywhere in the recommendations.

The experts are probably giving the superintendent good advice, in that they are arguing in terms that the superintendent (and presumably, his stakeholders and constituents).  The issue about “getting traction” reminds me of the old saying, “Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM.”  Buying the popular and well-respected thing is a reasonable thing to do when you don’t understand all the issues.  These aren’t the arguments that education researcher would use in making the same recommendations, but that’s why you don’t have researchers running big city schools — what we do informs the decisions, but the actual decisions involve bigger and more complex decisions.

A big city superintendent called last week and asked for recommendations for K-12 resources for teaching coding and computer science so we reached out to some folks in the know. Here’s a summary of what we learned:

via Experts Weigh in on K-12 Coding & CS Resources – Vander Ark on Innovation – Education Week.

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