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Call for Papers for ICER 2014

Quintin Cutts, Beth Simon and Brian Dorn, chairs for this year’s ACM International Computing Education Research Conference, ICER 2014, invite you to submit a research paper or lightning talk.  The Conference, the 10th in the series, will be held in Glasgow, Scotland on August 11-13th.Submission Deadlines:
— April 14, 2014 — Research paper submissions (8 pages) with a one week re-submission allowance.
— June 16, 2014 — Lightning talk abstract submissions.Just prior to the Conference, there will be a Doctoral Consortium (DC), with support to attend available from SIGCSE; and just afterwards, there’ll be a Critical Research Review (CRR).  Both activities will enable researchers to gain high-quality critical feedback on their research plans, providing an excellent springboard for a successful and productive research year in 2014/15.

Why submit to/attend ICER 2014?

– Authors have in the past explicitly noted how the quality of ICER reviews significantly improved their work.
– Our single-track, discussion-oriented, paper sessions result in significant additional feedback being provided on every paper.
– The format enables you to meet new researchers and initiate valuable new research activities.
– If you are new to empirical computer science education research, you will be immersed in a practising community for three days.
– Either before or after the conference, you have an opportunity to significantly enhance your research agenda, via the DC or the CRR.
– You can include a holiday in Scotland, including the Edinburgh Festival, the Commonwealth Games (in Glasgow!),
and more historic and pre-historic castles, lochs, glens, islands and mountains than you’ve ever dreamed of…

Full details, including the full CFP, available at

We’re looking forward to receiving your papers,

best regards,

Quintin, Beth and Brian.

Brian Dorn, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Union Pacific Community Chair of Computer Science Education
University of Nebraska at Omaha |

January 30, 2014 at 1:40 pm 2 comments

Powerful visualization of gender-skew in AP CS from USA Today

The chart below (above, here in the blog) shows the ratio of boy to girl test-takers across AP exam subjects. In subjects whose bars do not reach the orange line, girls outnumber boys. In subjects where the bar extends past the orange line, boys outnumber girls.

via AP Test Shows Wide Gender Gap in Computer Science, Physics – Data Mine

January 30, 2014 at 1:01 am 10 comments

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