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Summer is for Writing

Here at Georgia Tech, this week is Finals Week.  From here on out is summer.

I’m going to cut back on my blogging for summer.  I have a lot of writing to do.

(1) I need to have a complete draft of our CS Principles ebook for testing with teachers by the end of May.

(2) I’m giving a workshop at the NCWIT Summit (also in May) on how to launch state-wide computing education reform.

(3) My biggest project of the summer: I need to to turn this:



into the 4th edition of the Python MediaComp book.

(4) I’m teaching at a summer school in Tarragona, Spain in July on teaching computer science and computing education research.  I’d like to produce some lecture notes before that.

This Fall will still be a lot of writing.  I’ve promised to produce a book on computing education research from a learning sciences perspective for Jack Carroll’s Synthesis Lectures on Human-Centered Informatics.

Blog post writing isn’t all that time consuming.  The real time costs are (a) spare writing time goes to the blog rather than to larger, long-term projects and (b) I read all comments (here and on Twitter and Facebook) and think about whether to respond and how.  So please excuse fewer posts while I focus on directing my writing energies toward these bigger projects.

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