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The Cambridge University Press Handbook of Computing Education Research: Now Available

After a long haul, it’s finally available. The snazzy promotion flyer is here (with discount code). You can order the book from the Publisher here. Or get it from Amazon here.

I was an author of one chapter (on computing in other disciplines) and co-author with Ben du Boulay on the history chapter. While the overall process was hard work, it was enormous fun to work with Ben. I’ve read his work for many years (he invented the concept of a notional machine), but we still haven’t met face-to-face. Ben knows all of this literature on the European side of CER that I’m not well versed in, and he’s a delight to work with. I learned a lot and so enjoyed the process.

The Cambridge Handbook of Computing Education Research

This Handbook describes the extent and shape of Computing Education
research today. Over fifty leading researchers from academia and industry
(including Google and Microsoft) have contributed chapters that together
define and expand the evidence base. The foundational chapters set the
field in context, articulate expertise from key disciplines, and form a
practical guide for new researchers. They address what can be learned
empirically, methodologically and theoretically from each area. The topic
chapters explore issues that are of current interest, why they matter, and
what is already known. They include discussion of motivational context,
implications for practice, and open questions which might suggest future
research. The authors provide an authoritative introduction to the field and
is essential reading for policy makers, as well as both new and established

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