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Stanford’s Most Popular Major Is Now Computer Science (#CSedWeek Fact)

The last paragraph of this is interesting.  Yes, Engineering and Computer Science (in particular) are booming, but not everywhere, and it’s not evident to everyone.  I was just at Tufts on Monday, where some Engineering students were asking me if Computer Science was growing in enrollment anywhere.  Well, there’s Stanford…

Now? According to three stats buried in a press release from the university’s engineering school, Computer Science is the most popular major at Stanford. More students are enrolled in it than ever before (even more than at the dot-com boom’s height in 2000-2001). And more than 90 % of Stanford undergrads take a computer science course before they graduate.

Stanford is Stanford, and its stats aren’t necessarily indicative of academia at large: Countrywide, the most popular major is business. But the school’s computer-heavy numbers reflect its existence, both as a member of what candid college administrators call the Big Four (the other three are Princeton, Harvard and Yale), and as a school nestled close to Silicon Valley’s elite.

In a lengthy feature from earlier this year, the New Yorker’s Ken Auletta revealed that, even beyond Stanford’s CS department, “A quarter of all undergraduates and more than 50% of graduate students [at Stanford] are engineering majors. At Harvard, the figures are 4 and 10%; at Yale, they’re 5 and 8%.”

via Stanford’s Most Popular Major Is Now Computer Science.

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Barbara’s Annual AP CS Analysis for #CSEdWeek: 2012 was A Great Year!

Barbara Ericson has completed her annual analysis of AP CS Level A exam results. It was a banner year: The greatest number of test-takers ever, and well over the 20K “break-even” point (when the College Board stops losing money on giving an AP exam). Barbara broke it down by state (for states we’re particularly focusing on in ECEP), and by population of each state. Maryland does the best, in terms of test-takers per million people. Georgia ties with California for “test-taking density.”

Nationally 24,782 people took the AP CS A exam in 2012. This was a 14.7% increase from the previous year. The number of teachers who passed the audit was 2,103. The number of female exam takers was 4,635 which was up from 4,000 the year before. The number of Blacks was 1,014 up from 893 the previous year. The number of Hispanics was 1,919 up from 1,752 the previous year.

The percentage female was 18.7% which was lower than the previous year (18.9%) . The overall pass rate was 63.2%. The female pass rate was 56.4%. The white pass rate was 66.4%. The Asian pass rate was 69.9%. The Hispanic pass rate was 39.8%. The Hispanic male pass rate 43.6%. The Hispanic female pass rate was 26.6%. The Black pass rate was 27.3%. The Black male pass rate was 30.3%. The Black female pass rate was 18.25%.

In 2012 California passed Texas after years (since 2005) of Texas being the state with the most AP CS A exam takers. California had 3,920 and Texas had only 3,614.

via AP Data for the United States.

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Happy #CSEdWeek! Join the Twitter Conversation Tuesday!

I’m participating in this — come join the CSEdWeek “tweet-up” on Tuesday at 6 pm EST.

On Tuesday, December 11, 2012 at 6PM ET CSEdWeek is hosting a 45-minute national conversation on the critical issue of K-12 Computer Science education via Twitter.A national panel of thought leaders in the field will be tweeting with the hashtag #CSEdWeek, driving conversation around important issues and answering questions. We’d like to invite you and your organization to participate in this Twitter discussion, using your official organizational and personal Twitter handles, highlighting your specific knowledge on the nuances within this space and responding to any questions that might arise within your area of expertise.Participants will include technical professionals, industry thought leaders, faculty, K12 educators, students and more! Computer science fuels the future—help us fuel the conversation.

via #CSEdWeek Twitter Conversation – Eventbrite.

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Please pledge for CSEdWeek 2012 — whenever your event occurs

It’s time to pledge your involvement in CSEdWeek 2012. There’s a particular push this year to pledge activities even if they don’t occur during the week itself. Doing something the week before or week after (or whenever fits best into your academic year calendar) is great, as long as it gets pledged and helps with the report back to the funders/sponsors.

Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) (December 9-15, 2012) is a weeklong celebration when thousands of people celebrate computer science education. The week focuses on the need to build strong computer science education programs in schools to ensure that the nation has the skilled workforce it will need to develop future solutions. CSEdWeek is held each year during the second week in December in honor of Grace Murray Hopper, an outstanding pioneer in computer science, who was born on December 9, 1906.


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Please PLEDGE on CS Ed Week!

Next week is the third annual Computer Science Education Week (December 4-10).

But there’s still time to pledge your principled support for CSEdWeek (no $$ required), and it takes less than a minute to do so:  Think about asking your colleagues to pledge, or even your students (who might be involved in outreach, roadshows, visits to schools, etc.) to pledge.

Why does it matter? It’s crucial that policy makers and the general public see there is grass-roots support for computer science education.  Your pledge helps demonstrate that support.  Larger numbers helps.

If you’re participating in some activity in support of CSEdWeek’s mission, please take the second step in pledging and tell us about it.  It doesn’t even have to happen next week. You can pledge anything you’re doing any time to promote computing or support computer science education.

And, if you only have five minutes, here are some ideas on how you can turn those five minutes into support for K-12 computer science education:

Thanks in advance for your pledge … it’s important for the future of CS Ed, especially at the level of public policy.

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Launching the 2nd Annual #CSEdWeek!

It’s an exciting time for computer science education, as we prepare to launch the second annual Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek)! CSEdWeek 2011 is a call to action to raise awareness of computer science education and computing careers among students, educators, and the public. CSEdWeek has been endorsed by Congress as December 4-10, 2011, in recognition of Admiral Grace Murray Hopper’s birthday, December 9, 1906, and her contributions to the field of Computer Science.
Please join us this year in spreading the word and participating in CSEdWeek! The first step is visiting and simply letting the world know that you support CSEdWeek, and how you plan to commemorate the week.
Below are a few easy ways to incorporate CSEdWeek into your institution’s activities:
  • Visit a Local High School: Send computer science clubs or groups of student advocates to area middle/high schools to advise them about computing, career opportunities, classes needed to prepare for college, etc. See for guidelines and templates for taking your show “on the road”.
  • Invite Pre-college Students to Your Campus: Host a hands-on workshop/open house for parents, counselors and high school students to: explore the world of computer science; learn about the career opportunities and salaries; and discover what’s special about your program. You might consider using CS Unplugged to teach lessons that explain how computers work without using computers. Visit for activities and instructions.
  • Host an Open House for Non-Majors and Community College Students: Host a computer science open house/social hour for non-majors and local community colleges to share with them the opportunities available in computer science and develop interest in computer science classes. This should be a hands-on opportunity for students to try computing first hand.
For more background and information on CSEdWeek see and look for more resources on the website.
Help us spread the word!
  • Once you take the CSEdWeek pledge, click the ‘share’ button to share your commitment throughout your networks.
  • ‘Like’ CSEdWeek on Facebook at and join the conversation.
  •  Blog, tweet, and post to spread the word and raise awareness. Use the hashtag:  #CSEdWeek.

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Tell us your CSEd Week Stories

The CSEdWeek effort is wrapping up last year, and starting on next.  They’re trying to collect stories on what happened this year.  If you could, please share your story.

If you held an event or did an activity for the week tell us your story (and if you held an event or did an activity and didn’t pledge, go ahead and pledge first and then tell us your story);

via Computer Science Education Week Extends Its Reach |

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Wrapup of CSEdWeek

Impressive growth of CSEdWeek!

We also saw some major national coverage of CSEdWeek this year. The White House blog featured CSEdWeek as story of the week   and tweeted a celebratory message  in binary! The US Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, highlighted  CSEdWeek on his blog. And our major corporate partners spread the word with Microsofts CTO , Googles Director of Education , and SASs CEO highlighting computer science education week to their employees, customers, and the public at large. CSEdWeek received almost 1700 pledges of support from 45 states in the US in addition to DC, Guam and Puerto Rico and 34 other countries. 45% of the pledges came from Massachusetts and California, while the highest pledging cities included Marlborough and Shrewsbury, Massachusetts and Irvine, California. Over 33% of the support pledges came from K-12 students, 17% from college students, and 15% from K-12 teachers. These statistics indicate that we achieved our goal of engaging students and teachers as well as the computing community around the world.

via Computer Science Education Week Extends Its Reach | blog@CACM | Communications of the ACM.

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Oral History of CS Videos

Posted to SIGCSE-members —  a great finish to CSed Week.

CS Ed Week – take a look at the newly launched YouTube CEOHP channel

( )

containing short video interviews with Computing Educators. This is part
of the Computing Educators Oral History Project whose newly revamped
website launched today ( ) .

This NSF-funded project will be archived and hosted by the Charles
Babbage Institute. It will continue to be under development with
curricular materials and additional interviews being added in the near

Barbara Boucher Owens and Vicki Almstrum

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CMU’s CS Education Day

CMU has quite a star-studded CS Education going on today —  Jan Cuny of NSF’s BPC and CE21 programs is the keynote speaker, and includes themes of Alice, Running on Empty, Computational Thinking (from Jeanette Wing), and the Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center.  Links to lots of good resources on the page.

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NCWIT resources for CSed Week

The below was in Lucy Sanders’ message to NCWIT participants for CSEd week.  It’s a really nice set of resources for CS education in general.

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Celebrating Admiral Hopper and CSed Week

Thursday December 9th would have been Grace Murray Hopper’s 104th Birthday.  Grace Hopper Hopper was described as a “mathematician, computer scientist, social scientist, corporate politician, marketing whiz, systems designer, and programmer,” and, always, a “visionary.” The week of her birthday is chosen as CSEd Week.

Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) December 5-11, 2010 aims to:

  • Eliminate misperceptions about computer science
  • Communicate the endless opportunities for which computer science education prepares students in K-12, higher education and careers
  • Provide information and activities for students, educators, parents, and corporations to advocate for computer science education at all levels.

    Tomorrow, Georgia Tech is hosting a Cool Computing Day (organized by Barbara Ericson). We’ve got kids bussing in from all over the Atlanta Metropolitan area. Best part about it: When the call went out for faculty to speak to the students about their research, we got more faculty offering talks than we had slots!

    More information on CSEdWeek:

    Why Computer Science?
    Computing plays a critical role in society by driving economic growth and creating today’s most exciting innovations. Computer science education prepares students for careers that are plentiful and financially rewarding, and exposes them to vital critical thinking skills. Yet, issues with curricula, standards, diversity, professional development and certification prevent many students and teachers from engaging in computer science education.

    Join In! Everyone can participate:

  • Pledge your support and share your plans to celebrate at
  • Follow CSEdWeek on Facebook and Twitter; share information through your networks
  • Celebrate CSEdWeek in your school, club, or workplace

    Sponsors and Partners
    CSEdWeek is a collaborative effort of the Association for Computing Machinery, Anita Borg Institute for Women in Technology, Computing Research Association, Computer Science Teachers Association, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Google, Intel, Microsoft, the National Center for Women & IT, National Science Foundation, SAS, and WGBH. CSEdWeek is an activity of Computing in the Core, a non-partisan advocacy coalition of associations, corporations, scientific societies, and other non-profits that strive to elevate computer science education to a core academic subject in K-12 education.

  • December 6, 2010 at 1:46 pm Leave a comment is up!

    The new website for CSedWeek is now up and running, with over 700 pledges already.  Please do post there everything that you and your colleagues are doing for CSEdweek.  We want to show Congress widespread interest and activity.

    From December 5 to 11, 2010, Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) seeks to raise public awareness of the critical role computer science education has in preparing students for 21st Century careers and the transformative role computing plays in today’s society.


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    CSTA resources for CSed Week

    CSTA just shared this with its members, some great resources for CSed Week:

    CSEdWeek 2010 is a call to action to raise awareness of computer science education and computing careers among students, educators, and the public. CSEdWeek (December 5-11, 2010) has been endorsed by Congress in recognition of Admiral Grace Murray Hopper’s birthday, December 9, 1906, and her extraordinary contributions to the field of Computer Science.

    CSTA is delighted to announce its new CS Ed Week resource, now available on the CSTA website at:

    As part of their commitment to support CS Ed Week (Dec. 5-11th) activities, the Donald Bren School of Information & Computer Sciences at the University of California, Irvine and CSTA have created a series of announcements that schools and teachers can use for morning announcements or in the classroom. These audio and video files are intended to inform and engage students and to help them understand the many opportunities computer science provides.

    Audio Announcement: Listen live or download and play for morning announcements!
    This 45-second audio announcement by a high school senior points to a broad spectrum of career opportunities and encourages students to celebrate Computer Science Education Week.

    Videos: Watch live or download and play for announcements or in the classroom!
    This series of five two-minute videos celebrates the contributions that computer science makes in four fields and encourages students to pursue computer science as an educational pathway and a career. They cover entertainment, the environment, communications, medicine, and empowerment.

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    Take the CSed Week Pledge

    CSed Week will be December 5-11 this year — to encompass Grace Hopper’s birthday, and as defined by an act of Congress.  The new website will be rolling out on November 29, and will encourage students, teachers, industry, and university folks to pledge to engage in some activity to promote computer science education.  I’m on the Steering Committee for the effort, representing ACM and SIGCSE.

    When the new website opens, we’d love for their to be a long list of people already pledging to do useful and interesting things during CSed Week.  Please do visit the pledge pages and sign up to do something, from simply blogging on CSed Week, to speaking to a group of high school students about CS Ed, to working with groups of undergraduates to visit a bunch of elementary schools and give demos of Alice and Kodu.  Invite others to pledge, as well, to show that the CS education community is active and cares about promoting computing education.


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