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Can focus on Video Games and Visual Effects enhance STEM education efficiency?

Is this last thought true, that opportunities in video games are growing?  Last I heard, we already have an over-supply of video game programmers.  Each programmer is actually pretty productive, so a relatively small number of programmers is all that the relatively small number of major game studios really need.  Is that not the case?

An increasing number of schools and teachers now recognize that games can be used to improve mathematics, physics and computer science outcomes in the classroom itself.

Moreover, awareness of opportunities in these industries and the requisite skills will add a modern and exciting flavor to the study of these subjects, normally considered dry and boring, and thus attract more students towards them. These disciplines would then be viewed as leading to creative careers rather than technical ones alone.

Thus, the report suggests  “We need to set in motion a virtuous circle where video games and visual effects help draw young people into maths, physics and computer science, and improve their learning outcomes, in turn enlarging the talent pool for these industries in the future. Schools should do more to encourage cross-curricular learning. Career guidance needs to reflect the growing employment opportunities in high-tech creative industries like video games and visual effects.”

via Can focus on Video Games and Visual Effects enhance STEM education efficiency?.

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