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Does Google get that teachers innovate?

I love this post! Google’s Eric Schmidt doesn’t grok educators. Since Schmidt highlights “graduate students,” I think he’s dissing professors as well as K-12 teachers when he says that innovation doesn’t come from “established institution” educators.

@EricSchmidt: Innovation never comes from the established institutions. It’s always a graduate students or a crazy person or somebody with a great vision. Sal is that person in education in my view. He built a platform. If that platform works it could completely change education in America.

Mr. Chairman, I hate to say it but you are dead wrong, insultingly wrong, about educators.

Educators (who are probably some of @Google product’s biggest fans) are indeed innovators. What is the main difference between daily innovations and Khan Academy software? Funding. Bill Gates and Google (e.g. you) stumbled upon Khan’s youtube videos, (first made in his closet, by himself) and thought to fund it. Now, with a team, offices, software designers, backed by tons of financial support, Sal Khan can run as far as dreams can take him. I applaud him, don’t misconstrue my point here. I think he’s a really smart guy, doing really smart things, that hit a very lucky break that helps him continue to grow.

via Dear @Google Chairman @EricSchmidt, You Are WRONG About Educators « Christopher Lehman.

September 13, 2012 at 2:58 pm 4 comments

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