A crowdsourced blog post about my SIGCSE Keynote: Computing Education as a Foundation for 21st Century Literacy

March 2, 2019 at 8:00 am 3 comments

I had an unusual (and lazy) idea for my SIGCSE Keynote. I didn’t have the time or energy to write a blog post. How about if I asked everyone to tweet my talk, and I’ll just copy-paste them together? I got a response — too large of a response. There were well over 1000 tweets!

I couldn’t review all of them.  I selected a set that covered the key points in the talk, grouped around topics/order in the talk. All the slides are available on Slideshare.net here. A complete “live blogging” account is here.

Starting out

History of Computer Science and Teaching CS to Everyone

From Computational Thinking to Scientific, Engineering, and Historical Thinking

Examples: Sound Demonstration and Subgoal Labeling

I had several requests for the code I ran in the demo in JES (which is available here):

def increaseVolume(sound):
  for sample in getSamples(sound):
    value = getSampleValue(sample)
    setSampleValue(sample, value * 4)

def maximize(sound):
 for sample in getSamples(sound):
   value = getSampleValue(sample)
   if value >= 0:
   if value < 0:
     setSampleValue(sample, -32600)

The sound visualization GP project is here.

You can get GP at http://gpblocks.org.

Call to Action

Q & A


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Thanks. For all the fish, and everything else. Barbara Ericson’s AP CS Report for 2018 and her new blog cs4all.home.blog

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